Sunshine Coast Tubestock Growers

Established since 2004, Sunshine Coast Tubestock Growers supplies tubestock (25mm to 90mm) and bare rooted cuttings to meet the needs of the horticultural industry within Australia. We also sell to the public with a minimum order of one tray (108 tubes) with up to two varieties.


We can take forward orders for a large variety of popular species and aim to meet the target delivery date whenever possible. Forward orders are always encouraged as they have priority in our system and will ensure timely supply of your plants.


With well over two million plants in production we aim to provide a wide variety of native, ornamental and exotic plants to the wholesale & retail nursery market Australia wide. We also supply tubestock to landscape and revegetation contractors and specialise in contract growing.


We have been NIASA accredited for a number of years and also remain fully accredited by the Department of Agriculture (formerly DAFF) for interstate deliveries Australia wide.


Our mission is:

To be a provider of quality tubestock to the nursery industry throughout Australasia/Pacific regions

To be competitively priced on all our products and fair in all our dealings

To treat all our personnel & contractors with respect and encouragement at all times

To set a standard within the industry where a mutual respect is fostered in everything we do


We pride ourselves on our quality of stock and great service to our customers at all times.

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