Terms and Conditions

Terms of Trade with SCTG Pty Ltd

Terms of Payment

The granting of credit to a Customer shall be at the discretion of SCTG.

Full payment of invoice is required no later than 30 days from date of invoice to approved account holders.

Customers are not entitled to withhold payment of any account by reason of an account query, dispute or set off.  If Customers fail to make payment in accordance to the Terms of Payment, then SCTG is entitled to require payment of cash upon any further deliveries of goods.

SCTG retains the right and it is at their discretion to charge an interest charge at the rate of 1.75% per month on a cumulative basis on all overdue amounts. This charge is not a penalty but a measure of damages incurred with lack of payment for goods. Payments received will first be credited against any interest charge and payable upon demand.

All new Customers will be required to pay cash for the first order and thereafter may apply for a credit account.

For non account holders we require payment before delivery.


Prices on stock list do not include GST or delivery.

Prices may be subject to increase without notice at the discretion of SCTG.


Unless otherwise arranged with SCTG, the Customer shall be responsible for the cost of any delivery made from SCTG.   SCTG may organise on behalf of the Customer on direction from Customer, however the Customer remains liable for transportation costs.

SCTG is not responsible for stock once it has been collected by transport company. All dates and/or times quoted by the transport company is not SCTG responsibility. The Customer and the Transport Company appointed by the Customer, bears all the risk and is responsible for any loss or damage to the stock whatsoever.


The Customer shall examine the goods immediately after delivery and the Customer must report in writing within forty-eight (48) hours of the date of delivery, if there is any misdelivery, shortage, defect or damage etc.


SCTG shall not be liable to accept any returned stock unless Customer has been given prior written approval by SCTG Nursery Manager or Technical Manager. Dependent on reason for return, Customer may be liable for all freight costs and there may be a handling cost of 20% to unpack such goods. If stock was incorrectly sent, then these costs would not be applied.